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TORSO Referee Program Certification Exam

TORSO uses a set of exceptions to the Laws of the Game (LOTG) to promote fair play and the use of skill rather than force amoung players. Referees who officiate TORSO matches are expected to fully understand these exceptions and how to apply them in relation to standard USSF guidelines.

TORSO referees must take this exam and score 100% - you will be presented with a summary of results and the chance to retake the test. Once completed with a score of 100%, complete the email address field and submit your score - the results will go to TORSO and your assignor. You can review the TORSO Exceptions here:

1. The TORSO weather line (832-487-8786) is updated on Sunday morning at 11am.

2. TORSO uses a free service called “Rained Out” to notify players and referees via text message about rainouts.

3. Choose the best possible check-in process:

4. Managers should be present and assist with checking in teams.

5. Players must have a valid player pass or government issued ID to play.

6. The player’s name can be written in on the roster as long as they have a valid player card.

7. A total of 7 players 1 of which is a female is required to start play.

8. A team starts with 7 players, 1 of which is a female but has 2 male substitutes. In the 30th minute of play, the female player is injured and cannot return to the match. The referee must:

9. TORSO has a 15 minute grace period to field 7 players.

10. If the match starts late, halves will be reduced equally.

11. TORSO promotes the use of skill to challenge an opponent not force.

12. A male player makes shoulder-to-shoulder contact with a female player while challenging for the ball. The contact is forceful enough to send the female player hard to the ground. The referee should call a foul on the male player and consider issuing a caution for Unsporting Behavior.

13. Managers need to verify the following information on the match report with the referee after the match:

14. There can be a maximum of 5 men on the field at any time excluding the goal keeper.

15.A goal scored by a male player, including a goal scored from a penalty kick, counts as 1 point and an individual male player may not score more than 2 goals in a single game.

16. A goal scored by a female player, including a goal scored from a penalty kick, counts as 1 point and an individual female player may score an unlimited number of goals in a single game.

17. Deflected goal is awarded points based on the last offensive player to touch the ball.

18. A male attacking player takes a shot on goal and the shot deflects off a female player on the defending team so you award 2 points for the ball last being touched by a female player.

19. A male attacking player takes a shot on goal and the shot deflects of a female member of the attacking team so you aware 1 point for the ball being shot by a male player.

20. Cautioned players must be substituted for a minimum of:

21. A player cautioned in the 44nd minute of play may start the second half of play.

22. Challenging for the ball by a “sliding tackle” is acceptable in TORSO.

23. A slide tackle within playing distance of another player with the ball is a mandatory caution.

24. A slide tackle within playing distance of opponent with the ball that does not result in a foul still requires the referee to stop play immediately to issue a caution.

25. Drop ball restarts are taken by 2 women.

26. An unlimited number of subs may occur:

27. A Goal Keeper is issued a yellow card for Dissent. That player must leave the field for 10 minutes and a replacement Goal Keeper must fill that position. The cuationed player may be replaced by a substitute from the bench.

28. If the referee is unsure about any TORSO exception at the time he or she arrives at the field, they should use a smartphone to access the online version of TORSO exceptions on the TORSO website.