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Registration Procedures

Summary of Fees for Spring 2017

Important Dates

Transferring Players That Already Registered for the Fall Season

This is for players that have already been registered with a team for a fall season and now wish to transfer to another team.

  1. Using the Player Registration Form, the transferring player must obtain the existing team manager's signature in order to release the player - the form must also indicate the team information for the player's new team.
  2. If the transferring player is not able to obtain the signature of the current manager, the player should ask the current team manager to send an approval email to the TORSO registrar approving the transfer.
  3. A transfer fee of $10 will be applied to the team balance of the player's new team.

Reminder: All players become free agents at fall registration time. This means that any player can move from one team to another without a manager's approval.

Reminder: If a manager would like the league to help collect money or uniform from a player during the season, please inform the TORSO registrar by email. Identify the player and explain the issue. If there is no communication from the current manager then a player is free to register with another team if the player chooses to do so.

Downloadable Forms

  TORSO Player Registration Form .xls Format
  TORSO Player Registration Player Card Template (Multi-player template) .xls Format
  TORSO Returning Team Registration Form .xls Format
   TORSO New Team Registration Form (For Teams New To TORSO) .xls Format