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TORSO Referees

TORSO is continuously working to bring the highest quality officiating to their teams. Our officials have many years of experience in competitive and select club soccer as well as high school and adult competitions. To assure a quality playing experience for our members, each TORSO match is assigned a 3-person referee team with only experienced referees assigned as referee.

Listen to the Overview of LOTG Changes Audiocast

FIFA has made significant changes to the Laws of the Game (LOTG) begining this year. Those law changes will be enforced by all USSF certified referees for TORSO matches starting this fall season. Managers, players and referees should take some time to listen to this short overview of the changes to the laws. To further help, we have include a document that summarizes the changes to the laws. Please work with the officials assigned to your matches to assure a smooth transition to the updated laws.

FIFA Summary of 2016-17 Law Changes

Returning TORSO Referees Must Take Exam on Exceptions to LOTG

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See Match Procedures Page for Playoff Tie Breaker Instructions

Guidelines for Day of Match

Detailed game day procedures may be found on our Match Procedures page.

USSF Affiliation

TORSO Soccer League is affiliated with USSF. TORSO referees abide by the current year's Laws of the Game, Guide to Procedures, and associated memoranda as published by USSF.


TORSO uses certified USSF assignors to assign referees to all matches. You may contact the TORSO assignors:

Referee Payment Rates and Lightning Policy

Referee payment and lighning policies can be found in the TORSO Referee Policy document.
Referee Pay & Lightning Policy - January 2015

Match Procedures

Referees that work TORSO league matches are strongly encouraged to read and understand the match procedures section on this web site. These match procedures will ensure that all administrative requirements are handled efficiently both before and after the match.

Referee Certification

In order to be assigned to a TORSO matches, referees must be certified, possess, and wear the USSF referee badge for the current year. Per USSF rules, only referees with a Grade 7 or lower may be a referee. Grade 8 referees may work only as assistant referees.

To become certified or to recertify, please consult the South Texas Soccer Referee web site at the STSR Web site.


Referees are expected to maintain a professional appearance by wearing USSF approved uniforms including:

Referee Development

TORSO prides itself in its dedication to developing youth referees by assigning them to crews with experienced referees. Developing referees work closely with the referee to make sure that they have a positive experience while making fair and accurate calls.