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Privacy Statement

TORSO Soccer League provides this privacy statement to visitors of this web site to outline what information we collect and how that information is used. The information in this privacy statement may be updated periodically. You should review this page regularly to keep current on any changes in our privacy statement.

User Supplied Information

TORSO collects information from various registration forms contained on our web site. The information supplied by users is on a voluntary basis. The information collected is used for the purposes stated on each form page. TORSO will use the information supplied by the user in providing only the information that has been requested on the registration form.

Usage Tracking & Statistics

TORSO tracks usage statistics and traffic patterns on our web site using Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics and other tools that collect usage statistics and traffic patterns including browser platform, search engines, search terms, and page views. We use these statistics to determine what areas of our web site are accessed most often so we can improve the content and traffic flow of our web site.


The TORSO web site uses cookies on a limited basis. Cookies are used when users are logged in to restricted areas of the web site only for the purposes of establishing accessibility rights. TORSO also uses Google Analytics to help improve the user experience of the web site. Google Analytics may use cookies to gather usage statistics for pages on the web site.

Use of Collected Information

TORSO does not share the information that is collected from individual users on our web site with any third parties except to comply with applicable law or valid legal process, or to fulfill registration processes as disclosed on the collection forms.

Email Subscription Opt-In / Opt-Out

Users may register to receive emails from TORSO on an "opt-in" basis. TORSO determines opt-in through a variety of registration methods including email requests, verbal requests, and online form registrations. Once subscribed, recipients may elect to unsubscribe to future emails by sending email directly to TORSO or following the unsubscribe instructions included on each email communication.

Updated 11/17/2010